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DPSI produces 2 global Champions in Bali Indonesia

23 Dec, 2023 School [Office]

The STEAM Ahead 2023 competition held in Bali, Indonesia, witnessed an extraordinary showcase of talent and intellectual prowess from students worldwide. Among the standout performers were Bill Martey Quaynor and Shrirang Chandankhede, both emerging as global champions in their respective grade categories, further solidifying Ghana's presence on the international STEAM stage.

Individual Achievements:

Bill Martey Quaynor (Grade 9) - Global Champion: Bill Matey Quaynor's exceptional skills and dedication to his craft propelled him to victory, earning him the coveted title of Overall Global Champion in the Grade 9 category. His mastery of STEAM subjects and innovative thinking set a high standard for his peers, showcasing the depth of talent present in Ghana.

Shrirang Chandankhede (Grade 10/11) - Global Champion : Shrirang Chandankhede's outstanding performance in the Grade 10/11 category earned him the distinguished title of Global Champion 2nd runner up. His ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver creative solutions exemplifies the spirit of the competition and highlights the strength of Ghana's representation.

Aarna Taylor - Individual Silver Medal: Aarna Taylor's remarkable achievement secured her an individual silver medal, a testament to her proficiency in the STEAM disciplines. Her dedication and skill contributed significantly to Team Ghana's success at STEAM Ahead 2023.

Shachi Sangai and Indrani Bhattacharjee - Individual Bronze Medals: Shachi Sangai and Indrani Bhattacharjee showcased their excellence by clinching individual bronze medals. Their accomplishments underscore the diversity of talent within the Ghanaian delegation and their ability to compete at an international level.

Mantram - Honourable Mention: The recognition of Mantram with an Honourable Mention reflects his commendable effort and noteworthy performance.

Sheena Jackson - Certificate of Participation: Sheena Jackson's active participation in the competition earned her a Certificate of Participation, acknowledging her commitment to the event and the valuable role she played in the team.
Group Project Awards:

Prasanna Chandankhede - Gold Medal: Prasanna Chandankhede's leadership and contribution to the group project earned him a well-deserved gold medal. His ability to collaborate and innovate in a team setting showcases the importance of collective effort in achieving success.

Shrirang Chandankhede - Silver Medal: Shrirang Chandankhede's versatility was further highlighted as he secured a silver medal in the group project category. His commitment to excellence extended beyond individual achievements, contributing significantly to the collaborative success of the team.

Bill Matey Quaynor, Indrani Bhattacharjee, and Shachi Sangai - Bronze Medals: Bill Martey Quaynor, Indrani Bhattacharjee, and Shachi Sangai's efforts in the group project earned them well-deserved bronze medals. Their collaborative skills and innovative thinking were key contributors to Ghana's success in this category.

The accomplishments of Team Ghana at STEAM Ahead 2023 reflect not only individual brilliance but also the collaborative spirit and dedication to excellence that define the nation's commitment to STEAM education. As these talented students return home, their achievements will undoubtedly inspire future generations and contribute to the continued growth of Ghana's presence in the global STEAM community.

In the 20th International Junior Science Olympiad held in Bangkok, Thailand
Manuel Yooku Donkoh won bronze medal with Anukriti receiving a certificate of participation.

Lead Coach: Shadrach Quainoo
Assistant coaches: Albert and Edmond