Our Mission & Vision

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Our Mission & Vision

The broad and balanced school curriculum sets the direction, establishes the goals and implements a strategy for getting the child acquainted from foundation to where he aspires to be.

Our efforts are to encourage all children to realize their true potential and overcome educational challenges. We consider the child's all-round development-intellectual, social, physical, moral and emotional, to be of utmost importance.

We stand committed to 'Service Beyond Self' and prepare the young learners to act in accordance with a personal philosophy that reflects concern for all and understand the ethical implications of the various disciplines.

DPS International Ghana is the school committed to the excellence of its students in all spheres.

Committed to the excellence of its students
in all spheres!

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Our Mission & Vision

  • Moral values, ethics & ideals.
  • An optimistic approach to face success & failure peacefully with equanimity.
  • Communication skill and self expression.
  • Artistic ability and creativity.
  • Competitive spirit to excel in all spheres.