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DPS International Ghana to launch their first Student Satellite in Germany

17 Feb, 2023 School [Office]

500 students to participate in the Global StudentSat competition in collaboration with Navars Edutech

Ghana-based DPS International School will launch its first Student Satellite in Germany later this year. DPS International has collaborated with Navars Edutech’s global StudentSat contest for 500 students to participate in the program. This partnership enables DPS International to become Ghana’s first school to participate in the student satellite launch in Germany later this year.

Navars Edutech is a leading Astronomy & Space education company with a primary focus to drive awareness and education through engagement and innovation by offering real-life experiences through live content, software tools, hardware kits, and experiences among K12 students.

In addition to StudentSat, Chairman of DPS International, Mukesh Thakwani also plans to set up a state of art Astronomy & Space Lab this year, which will help students to go through structured progressive learning across astronomy, space and aerospace with interactive models and STEM Space DIY kits. With this strategic collaboration, DPS International is accelerating the Space ecosystem among students through design, development & research in the plethora of satellite, launch vehicles, software programming, image and data analytics.

“Navars is excited to partner with DPS International to bring the StudentSat competition to Ghana. Learning these advanced technologies will empower students to apply their knowledge and skills at an early age and inspire them to become the next generation of Astronomers and Space Engineers.” Says Dinesh Prasad, Co-founder & Director, Navars Edutech.”

“We are committed to bring next-generation technology and education to our students of Ghana. This will transform Ghana’s STEM Space education program and establish new opportunities for the students from the school level to align their future studies and career aspirations,” says Mukesh Thakwani, Chairman, DPS International.

“Our partnership with Navars will bring Space awareness, education & activities much closer to students, a true democratization of space,” says Dr. Seema V. Nair, Principal, DPS International. We are excited to introduce experiential education through our Space lab and the participation of our students in Global Space competitions.