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29 Dec, 2020 School [Office]

Awards ceremony for Vanda, Sasmo,Timo and IJMO Olympiad winners was organised by Africa schools online on December 29, 2020.The winning students received their awards and certificates amidst cheers and claps of encouragement from tutors and parents of wards from different schools who participated in the exams.
DPSI wishes the following students :
1) Saanvi Adhikari - SASMO Gold medallist
2) Varunikha A.S - SASMO Gold medallist
3)Shriman Jha - Vanda Gold medallist
4)Sheena Jackson - Vanda gold medallist
5)Prachet Adhikari - SASMO Silver medallist
6)Raj Thakwani - SASMO Bronze medallist
7)Aarna Tailor - Vanda Bronze medallist
8)Mantram Saini - Vanda Bronze medallist
9)Aarna Tailor - Timo merit award
10)Mantram Saini - Timo merit award
11)Varunikha A.S - IJMO bronze award
12)Shriman Jha - Vanda GLOBAL round Gold award.