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27 Aug, 2022 School [Office]

The Orators Championship is an inter-high schools debate programme designed to foster the cognitive, critical thinking and expression skills of students.

The programme is organised as a joint partnership between Africa Schools Online and Speech Forces. This event was supported by African Leadership Academy, Voltic Mineral Water and Niche Cocoa.

The occasion, which was a part of the activities to mark the 19th Ghana International Book Fair at the National Theatre was additionally supported by Hollandia Yoghurt.

24 students representing 12 schools from 5 areas battled it out with thought-provoking and artistic speeches in 3 thrilling rounds.

DPS International Ghana presented two candidates: Esi Nyankwaoye Onome Peters and Selikem Sunu Attah.

Esi Nyankwaoye Onome Peters of DPSI won a Gold Medal for her outstanding performance. Selikem Sunu Attah also won a Silver Medal as a splendid public speaker. These two were accompanied by their Debate Coach, Sir Michael Agordzo

Their performance was so impressive that they were admired not only by their fellow schoolmates, but also by the judges.

Mr. Abel Ohene Acquaye, talking on behalf of the organizers, expressed gratitude to the coaches for getting students adequately ready for the challenge.

Eric Asamoah Awuah - Founder/Executive Lead of Speech Forces, Ghana.